Video: Orange Ardoyne parade to turn around after brief protest; youths urged not to fall into ‘republican trap’

The Ligoniel lodges stopped from parading home past the Ardoyne shops tomorrow will turn around after a short protest and march to the Shankill Road, the Orange Order has said.

The plan outlined by the Orange Order today contains striking differences to what happened at Woodvale and Ardoyne a year ago.

Three Ligoniel Lodges make their way past the nationalist Ardoyne area in 2012

Three Ligoniel Lodges make their way past the nationalist Ardoyne area in 2012

Unlike last year when lodges, bands and supporters simply marched right up to police lines before attacks began on officers, this year the Order said that it would have marshals preventing face-to-face confrontation by establishing a gap between the parade and the PSNI.

And, the Order said that after a period where the bands would play at police lines and a “short statement” is read out, the parade will turn around, march to West Belfast Orange Hall and disperse.

The Order said that this year’s Belfast Twelfth parade would be headed by the Ligoniel lodges who will be prevented from returning up the Crumlin Road past the Ardoyne shops.

It said: “We trust the crowds spectating will give them a warm welcome as they make their way to the field and back.”

Meanwhile, the Orange Order’s Grand Secretary has told young Protestants that if they engage in any violence during the Twelfth they will have fallen into a “republican trap”.

Speaking to the News Letter after the Institution outlined details of its plan for Ardoyne tomorrow, Drew Nelson said: “I would have a strong message for young Protestants: if you lift a stone or a bottle or a brick tomorrow, you are falling into a republican trap.

“And if you feel strongly about our cause, as I do, then join an Orange lodge or a political party or a band. But don’t use violence.”