Video: Parade breaks ruling as smaller crowd turns out for flag protest

A parade protesting about “PSNI brutality, loyalist prisoners, the flag, civil rights and political policing” was attended by just a few hundred people on Saturday.

The parade, organised by the Loyal Peaceful Protesters, left the front of the City Hall 90 minutes after it had been required to by the Parades Commission.

Protesters at City Hall on Saturday

Protesters at City Hall on Saturday

It is the third such rally organised by the group, although it is understood one of the main men behind the protests did not attend following death threats from republicans after being identified in the media before Christmas.

A crowd of around six men stood at the front of City Hall at midday - the time the parade was supposed to have left the area, making its way down Royal Avenue.

Gradually more protesters, including DUP councillor Ruth Patterson, arrived to show their support.

Shortly before 1.30pm the crowd crossed the road at City Hall down Royal Avenue, accompanied by a solitary flute player as others sang The Sash.

Speaking earlier one protestor said they had never obeyed Commission rulings and didn’t intend to start now.

A number of police officers stood in the area with Land Rovers parked nearby,

It is understood victims’ campaigner and prominent protestor Willie Frazer was to make a speech at the Cambrai Street stage of the parade.

While the ruling stated the parade must leave City Hall by midday and clear Royal Avenue half an hour later, both previous parades have also broken determinations on timings.