Video: Public line streets to get a glimpse of the Queen in Coleraine

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Thousands lined the streets of Coleraine on Wednesday, in spite of the rain, determined to catch a glimpse of the Queen in her last stop in the Province.

Among the well-wishers was 87-year-old Mima Dickson and her 82-year-old sister Annie from Rathfriland in Co Down.

The pair, who queued along the barrier from before 9am, said “this would be the highlight of our week’s holiday”.

“We saw the Queen once before at Balmoral Show, but we would like to see her again,” said Annie.

When asked if she had brought a seat with her she quipped “no, but I could do with one right now”.

“But it is 10am now and we will only have to stand for another hour.”

Meanwhile, Patricia Boyd, 65, and her husband Robert, 71, from Portrush, who came to Coleraine at 9am to get “a good position” said: “We came so early because we wanted to see her properly.

“Neither of us have seen the Queen before. We have been long-term well-wishers of the Queen, for many many years. This is a very proud day for Coleraine – and the rest of the country.”

He added that be believed the Royal couple would return home today “for a good rest”.

“They have had a very busy time,” he said. “But for a lady of her age she always looks very very well.”

Portrush hotelier Jennifer O’Kane and her sister Eileen Mallon said they “could not miss the opportunity to see the Queen in person”.

Mrs Mallon, 61, said: “I follow the Royal family. I really admire her ability to fulfil so many engagements, for a woman of her age.

“She is an 88-year-old and still very active and sensible as well. It gives you hope doesn’t it?”




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