VIDEO: Ulster turns into rainbow nation as it basks in hottest day of year

Rainbow colours were sported across the Province yesterday as Ulster folk basked in what was being cited on the streets as being the warmest day of the year so far.

With temperatures soaring above 26 degrees Celsius in parts of the Province, towns, villages and beaches came alive with families out to enjoy the weather.

Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall

And it was no different in Lurgan Park in Co Armagh where families flocked to soak up the sunshine – all too aware that the Mediterranean climate may not last for long.

Walking though the park with his family, 77-year-old Stan Hawthorne, from Lurgan, said: “Weather like this is very unusual and special here so it is important to enjoy it.”

His 79-year-old wife Gwen added: “It is only going to last a few more days. But I don’t like the hot weather and prefer the cool.”

Mr Hawthorne explained that he and his family had lived “in the mountains in India for 35 years” working as missionaries.

He said the climate was “completely different there”.

“But we live back in Lurgan now,” he added. “Our family who live in Turkey are here with us today.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Walker from Portadown, who had taken her two children to the play park to enjoy the sunshine, said: “It is beautiful today for us. We are not planning any holidays this year as my son is six-months-old.

“He doesn’t really like the heat but I love it. My six-year-old daughter likes it too. It is amazing.”

John Crealey, 61, from Portadown, who had come to Lurgan Park with his grandchildren, said he “loved the heat”.

“Today the weather is fantastic,” he said. “The important thing is keeping the children covered.

“We can all enjoy the heat no problem.”

Mr Crealey added that as they keep their grandchildren two days a week “we choose a different place to go as much as possible”.

“The days we look after our grandchildren are the best in the week.”

Grandmother Sheila Smyth, 52, from Lurgan, said she believed “the good weather puts everyone in a good mood”.

“It is a bit hot but we don’t mind,” she said.

“I would like to wake up every morning to this. It would be a different world.”

Her 30-year-old daughter Kerry added: “We have lots of suncream on the babies and ourselves.

“They cannot get burned.”

Also extolling the good mood vibe from the soaring temperatures was Lurgan mum Victoria Kane, who was out for a walk with her 16-month-old daughter.

She said: “The weather is just beautiful today.

“I would like weather like this every day.”

She added that “rain puts you in such a bad mood”.