Video: Willie Frazer and Ruth Patterson at loyalist march

Victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer attended his first protest since his arrest earlier this year.

Mr Frazer told the News Letter he was “proud” to be at the parade on Saturday and hoped it will be the “first of many”.

“They (politicians) thought the people would have forgotten by this stage. But when it comes to our flag we do not forget, a bit like our dead. We do not forget our dead.

“Whenever it (the flag) goes back up we will go home, that’s the bottom line.”

Also present was the DUP’s Ruth Patterson, despite the fact her party leader and First Minister Peter Robinson urged protesters to stop with their street campaign, or at least change the day of the protest.

Ms Patterson said she would encourage people to abide by Parades Commission rulings on timings, but added that the focus should be on the point of the parade rather than any breaches.

Asked if protests should continue she said: “That is a decision for the people.

“The people are very clear in their views that they are distraught that their flag has been taken down and they would like to see it put back up again.”