Video: Willie Frazer ‘locked out’ of council meeting over plaque protest

VICTIMS’ campaigner Willie Frazer has claimed he was deliberately locked out of Magherafelt council building as he called for the removal of a plaque erected in memory of two Sinn Fein councillors murdered by loyalists.

Mr Frazer, who was accompanied by a small group of loyalists, wants the plaque removed from the foyer of the building.

Willie Frazer at Magherafelt council

Willie Frazer at Magherafelt council

“The ordinary people are not allowed through the door,” he said. “It’s a disgrace.”

The plaque he wants removed was put up for Councillors Bernard O’Hagan and John Joe Davey.

This weekend Sinn Fein is planning a special event commemorating the 25th anniversary of Mr Davey’s murder.

There is another plaque in the reception in memory of all the victims of the Troubles in the Magherafelt district.

Mr Frazer handed in a protest letter at the door. He said he would be raising the matter with the Equality Commission and Victims’ Commissioner.

At the time of his arrival members of the council were inside discussing the new district rate.

There was also a heavy police presence at the council offices.