Waiting game for Clough movie

LOCAL football fans are being denied access to a film currently being shown in other regions of the UK.

The Damned United, starring Michael Sheen, portrays the ill-fated 44 days of football legend Brian Clough at the helm of Leeds United.

The sporting drama is proving to be a hit at the box office, but due to a decision by distributors, the Ulster public cannot view the film at local cinemas.

Owner of the Movie House Cinema Michael McAdam revealed staff have been inundated with queries as to why the production is not playing in Northern Ireland.

He said: "Every so often a film comes along that takes the film distributor by surprise and The Damned United, because of its subject matter, was deemed to be a small release that would play well in England and not so anywhere else."

Mr McAdam revealed only 200 prints of the film had been produced initially, but expected more to be released when the production finishes on the mainland. The Damned United was released on March 27.

One reader of the News Letter expressed astonishment that the film was not on local cinema listings. "I cannot believe that the people of Northern Ireland are being discounted in this way," he said.

The drama has proved to be controversial with the former European Cup winning manager's family claiming the film bears no resemblance to what actually happened.