Warning of severe weather

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A Met Office weather warning is in place for Northern Ireland with up to a quarter of the month’s rain expected to fall this morning.

Severe weather warnings have been issued covering much of the UK amid fears of flooding and thunder and lightening.

The Met Office said thundery rain is expected to start falling early this morning, with showers unlikely to ease off until the evening.

A spokesman for the Meteogroup, Press Association’s weather unit, said: “Northern Ireland will have similar rain to the rest of the UK but perhaps not just as bad.

“There will be heavy outbreaks of rain starting in the southerly part of Northern Ireland from 4am on Saturday, and heavy rain throughout Saturday morning.

“It will be a very wet morning with a small risk of lightening. By mid-afternoon it should mostly have cleared to the north, though there may still be a bit of rain.

“Overall it will affect most of Northern Ireland, with 15-20mm of rain expected in one day, compared to the average rainfall for June being 75mm.

“So that means about a quarter of June’s rain is expected to fall in one morning.”

The Environment Agency said there is a “low risk” of flooding for most of the UK.

A spokesman said: “We are looking at the potential for some localised flooding because they are potentially heavy enough that we could see so much rain fall in a short space of time that it can’t drain away fast enough.”

Regions where yellow “be aware” warnings for rain are currently in place are Northern Ireland, North West England, North East England, Yorkshire & Humber, West Midlands, East Midlands, East of England, South West England, London & South East England, Strathclyde, Central, Tayside and Fife, South West Scotland, Lothian Borders, and Wales. However some areas are expected to enjoy warm temperatures too.