Weather: A dry week ahead for Northern Ireland

It is set to be a dry week across the province, according to forecasters.
It is set to be a dry week across the province, according to forecasters.

Northern Ireland can look forward to a dry week with moderate temperatures as Spring appears to have arrived, forecasters have said.

Sunday is set to be the hottest day of the year so far, with London, East Anglia and the south east set to see the best of the sunshine.

Forecaster Andy Ratcliffe at MeteoGroup, the weather service provider, said the UK could see the mercury rise as high as 18C on Sunday.

“In England and Wales, it will be a dry day with a fair bit of sunshine, and temperatures as high as 18C in London on Sunday.

“On Saturday across Scotland and Northern Ireland, it will be cloudy with some rain.”

The forecaster added the rain would continue in those areas on Sunday as well.

The warm weather is set to continue into next week, although Mr Ratcliffe said it would not be as high as Sunday.

He said: “Generally it’s going to be a dry week next week with a lot of sunshine but not as high temperatures as Sunday.

“The week will be dry across the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland, but there could more unsettled weather towards the end of the week in the north west.”

MeteoGroup forecaster Tony Conlan said temperatures reached 16.9C (62.4F) in St. James’s Park in London.

Thursday had previously been the hottest for 2014 so far, with temperatures reaching 15.5C (59.9F) in Gravesend, Kent.

The forecaster said it was “quite likely” this temperature would be surpassed on Sunday.