Web designers offer letters for a dollar

WORDS are being sold online by two top Ulster web designers for a dollar a letter.

The Big Word Project by Paddy Donnelly and Lee Munroe – has just sold 2,000 words in just over a week.

The pair, both first class honours graduates in Multidisciplinary Design from the University of Ulster, have captured the imagination of internet users worldwide and challenged the dictionary to redefine words.

Companies like Lego have bought words relating to their businesses – the words will provide a link to the buyer’s website.

Paddy said: “The project is aimed at website owners who wish to have a specific word associated with them, but you can also link to your Bebo, Myspace or Facebook page if you do not have a website.”

The project also aims to define “a new tapestry of words” and the pair have been inundated with thousands of suggestions.

“We wanted to explore what different words mean to different people and created a website which allows you to purchase a word from the dictionary to represent your word,” added Lee.

People have been choosing words of personal significance – nerd and donkey were among the first words to be sold.

You can follow their progress at www.thebigwordproject.com.