Will HET reports into IRA atrocities also be re-examined, asks TUV

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TUV leader Jim Allister has written to PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott to ask if the HET’s handling of IRA cases will also be reviewed.

Mr Allister said that he finds it “very hard to believe that the HET have been applying ‘less rigour’ when investigating killings by the security forces than terrorists”.

Mr Allister said just last weekend a survivor of the Enniskillen bomb went public about his dissatisfaction about the HET’s investigation into that incident, adding “there is still no sign of the report years after the investigation supposedly started”.

UUP MLA Tom Elliott said the focus solely on incidents with state involvement will be “alarming to those in our society who are only too aware that, accordingly to the Lost Lives volume, republican paramilitaries were responsible for 2,148 deaths during the Troubles; by far and away the vast bulk of the violence”.

“I am familiar through my own dealings as an MLA that a number of investigations of republicans have been wholly ineffective with little or no attempt made to follow up,” he said.