Willie Frazer rebuffs ‘warning’ claims

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VICTIMS’ campaigner Willie Frazer yesterday dismissed claims made in a Sunday newspaper that east Belfast community worker Jim Wilson warned him not to go into east Belfast.

Mr Frazer, who spoke at the rally at Belfast City Hall, said he had been “inundated today with phone calls from people from east Belfast saying I am more than welcome into the area”. “Jim Wilson was on to me about talking to the politicians,” he added. “But my attitude is there was no point in talking until the people decide they want to talk to politicians. We have been for years talking to the politicians.

“The politicians need to wake up to the fact that when we talk about the flag it is also about the people who died for that flag. And there is a reluctance to identify with that.”

Mr Frazer said he followed the protestors back into east Belfast with cameras.

“We have it all on video and they were ambushed,” he said. “We know for a fact that republicans came out and attacked the protestors and we have it on camera. It should be on Youtube.”

He said prior to walking towards east Belfast, he appealed for calm.“I spoke at the protest and called for people to keep things peaceful and to let the people get home to east Belfast safely. People made their point by having a protest.

“I would go to another protest at City Hall and I think more people would be there in force.

“The policing I saw was an utter and total sham.

“How did they expect people to get home if they were going to block the bridge? Police again failed to foresee that republicans were going to attack them. You couldn’t make it up.”