Woodvale attack played out on Twitter


News of an attack on Belfast’s Lord Mayor exploded on Twitter yesterday.

And Mairtin O Muilleoir was even tweeting himself just after police had had to move in to secure his protection as he tried to officially open the park.

He tweeted: “All well leaving Woodvale. Great investments in future. Minority of people will not drag Belfast back.”

He then went on to reveal that the PSNI had advised him that it would be safe for him to go to Woodvale.

Mr O Muilleoir added his thanks to PSNI officers and council workers in helping him carry out his duties, before tweeting from the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast where he had received a check-up.

He tweeted that he was “sore in a few spots, but cheered by best wishes from Bishop of Connor Alan Abernethy. Hope to make nxt engagement”.