Actions speak louder than words

WHAT an excellent column by Alex Kane (News Letter April 11), in which he touches on quite a few points and in particular that pertaining to Sinn Fein/IRA.

These points raise serious question of Sinn Fein’s sincerity in addressing the so-called dissidents.

The fact is that certain individuals supposedly ex-IRA are known to the intelligence services and their movements as such, are being monitored.

As Alex Kane quite rightly points out, if this is fact, then why are those from within republican circles not divulging this information to the relevant authorities?

They, Sinn Fein, know only too well who these individuals are. So what is stopping Sinn Fein from exposing them?

As Alex Kane states, is Sinn Fein doing everything it can to assist the security services and justice system to tackle the threat posed by dissident republicans or is that a step too far for them? Until this happens, then and only then, can Sinn Fein, despite their pompous pontification regarding dissidents, be given credibility.

Actions speak louder than words.

D A Tierney

retired RUC-GC, Carrickfergus