Alliance is not split on the Easter Rising centenary

Andrew Muir, Alliance Party president
Andrew Muir, Alliance Party president

Your article (March 21) around supposed tensions in Alliance over the party’s attendance at Easter Rising centenary events could not be further from the truth.

Indeed, if your reporter had printed the rest of David Ford’s comments in relation to invitations he has received, they would have shown he will attend several events commemorating the Rising, in both Dublin and Belfast, as are other party members.

Alliance believes it appropriate to remember the significant events that have shaped the history and development of Ireland, North and South, and have concluded these events are more appropriate to attend instead of the official state event, due to its celebratory nature and full military parade.

Whilst I did not, for example, attend events celebrating the signing of the Ulster Covenant, I did engage with discussions exploring the meaning and consequences of it and look forward to doing similar around the Easter Rising, based upon previous engagement undertaken over the last year.

To try and create mischief by suggesting there is a split in Alliance over this matter is not reflective of the party’s position – we want to ensure any events help move our community, North and South, towards a future that is more peaceful than our past.

Councillor Andrew Muir, Party President, Alliance