Are Dr Paisley's two roles now incompatible?

Recently I wrote to your paper expressing my concern at the apparent funding and support of a gay rights parade by the DUP.

At the time Edwin Poots, the Minister for Culture Arts and Leisure, dismissed my concerns saying I was "ill-advised and confused".

However, since then it has become increasingly clear that the DUP is part of an Executive that plans to give as much funding and support as it can to gay rights groups and parades.

Listen to the words of Martin McGuinness, who launched the 'Gay Pride' festival in Londonderry – "no-one should be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation...the Office of First and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all our citizens".

It should be noted that Martin McGuinness opened this festival on behalf of the OFMDFM, which we now know is legally bound to fund homosexual parades and groups.

Therefore, it is clear that the DUP-led Executive is and will continue to encourage and support the activities of homosexuals.

As a Free Presbyterian, I find it deeply concerning that the head of this executive should be the Moderator of our denomination, Dr Paisley.

Does Dr Paisley not see the conflict between his current position and the teaching of the Bible? Does he not see the difficult position into which he has placed the Free Presbyterian Church?

How can the Church oppose and protest against homosexual parades etc when the funding comes from an Executive led by its own Moderator?

Surely now is the time for Dr Paisley to choose between First Minister and Moderator as the two positions are incompatible.

Richard Ferguson,