Campaign aims to put migrants off

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I WAS watching Question Time recently and became aware for the first time of the fact that, after Christmas this year, all restrictions against people coming here from Bulgaria and Romania are to be lifted completely. The reason I was unaware of this, I only realised as I listened further to the programme, was because the national political parties, whilst knowing all about it, were refusing to talk about it.

I subsequently heard that our Government, being sufficiently worried by the prospect, are currently running a negative advertising campaign in the two countries to try to dissuade their peoples from flooding here after that date and I was flabbergasted by this bizarre idea.

They are actually squandering taxpayers’ cash to tell Bulgarians and Romanians what a truly horrible country that the UK is and, because of this, not to come here. I just wonder what our tourist trade thinks of that taxpayer-funded nonsense.

When I thought more about this most ludicrous situation, I have concluded it is entirely because our own Government no longer has any say as to who may enter via our borders. This is no longer any concern of our Government in London and is exclusively the business of Brussels.

Effectively because of this, our Government are reduced to issuing what amounts to a begging letter, to Romanians and Bulgarians, not to come here. The Government is telling them it is such a terrible place to live – that is what membership of the EU has reduced them to. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be hilarious.

Wish You Weren’t Here