Cash for gay parade 'sickening'

Reading John McVeigh's letter (August 11) and also J Johnston's (August 15) I would like to support both letters on the issue of the sinful gay pride parade in Belfast.

It was sad to see that those involved in a gay pride parade could even suggest that Christ was a homosexual sinner. It is even more sickening to think that Edwin Poots, the Culture, Arts and Leisure Minister, who is a Christian and a Free Presbyterian, would fund such a parade, which is clearly

contrary to the Word of God.

How can Ian Paisley, who is Moderator of the Free Presby- terian Church, authorise

funding for this through his office?

I agree with J Johnston

on what he said about

the Mayor of Ballymena, Councillor Maurice Mills.

Has the mayor forgotten what he said a few years ago about hurricane Katrina being the judgement among the

people of Louisiana?

Does the mayor not think that the same is relevant today in Ulster through the floods and when we see gay

parades in Belfast and Londonderry?

Brian Moorhead,