Christian beliefs are sidelined and discriminated against

Isaiah says If you do not stand firm in your faith you will not stand at all
Isaiah says If you do not stand firm in your faith you will not stand at all
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I refer to a tweet published in the Tweet of the Day column of Friday December 16.

As a Christian I object to the wording of the tweet under the name of Eamonn McCann @eamonderry.

Letters to Editor

Letters to Editor

For the benefit of readers who have not noticed the tweet, the writer appeared to mock “DUP GOD-BOTHERERS” following a Jonathan Bell interview by Stephen Nolan on BBC TV.

The writer stated that Mr Bell and his fellow God-botherers were given different messages by God to tell the truth in respect of the RHI Scheme issue.

The writer’s final comment was “*** God, make your mind up” (it was three capital letters that represented an expression/curse that could be considered blasphemous according to the Bible).

At the very least the tweet is a mockery of Christianity and an insult to God.

If such wording accurately reflects the thoughts of the man writing the tweet and he being a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, then I seriously despair for the future of reconciliation within our country.

I also wonder what the reaction would have been had a publication containing a similar insult directed at Allah been printed in the press.

Again I wonder should the tweet have been published, as it is most offensive to Christians.

It would appear that in today’s secular society, Christian beliefs are being sidelined and discriminated against.

W G Gumley, Belfast BT5