DUP and SF have had plenty of time to consult

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It seems strange to me, that through my years as a city councillor, I heard repeatedly pleas for ‘Stormont’ to be more efficient, make more progressive decisions, deliver on the ground quickly and efficiently, be consistent in dealing with paramilitarism, integrate our education to reduce our voluntary apartheid, stop the vetoes ie petitions of concern, yet the community then elects the very politicians who seem to represent the opposite of these ambitions for normality.

I believe it was ideas similar to these that were put forward by the Alliance Party to DUP and SF, and were immediately rejected. Strange!

I then hear that in converting the latest Fresh Start ambitions, before any definitive goals can be set, there must be consultation. What an earth about? Have DUP and SF not had years to investigate, consult, and decide on practical routes forward?

The NI economy has relatively low productivity and surely this lack of practical action by the new assembly after a decade of DUP/ SF control is at very least disappointing.

Tom Ekin, Alliance