Europe has turned us into a begging bowl culture

David McNarry
David McNarry

Most UK voters are alarmed that so many political parties nationally and locally are content to transfer even more control to the EU superstate.

Cameron and Clegg cannot be trusted to deliver the nation’s wishes on Europe.

We must vote on the facts and not on scare-mongering by these pro-European parties.

Only by voting UKIP can the people make their voice heard and halt this bureaucratic European superstate which encroaches on every aspect of our lives and freedoms.

Success by UKIP will lead to secure borders and sensible curtailment of more economic migrants and welfare passengers overloading our benefits and health systems.

Success means putting our own people first and not creating jobs for the unemployed of other countries.

People here must not be tricked into believing that Europe has been good for Northern Ireland and that we are doomed without it.

Europe has turned us into a begging bowl, hand-out culture as if European funding was grown on a magic money tree.

This is poppycock! It is our own money, recycled back to us with Europe telling us how we are allowed to spend it.

Take a close look at how much the United Kingdom pays in propping up the EU’s bottomless, unaudited budget. Britain is a net contributor to the EU.

That means that if the money we pay into the EU was not paid, the totality of that money would be available for spending here and in other parts of the UK.

Indeed far more would be available for our own farmers, for example, if we stopped bankrolling farmers elsewhere in Europe.

The UK could develop a food security policy, expanding our agricultural sector. We would have our own money to spend and, in addition, all the money we are carelessly pouring into the EU sinkhole.

Take Northern Ireland’s new EU structural fund allocation for 2014-2020. The original 2014-2020 allocation had to be topped up by the UK Treasury to the tune of an extra £153 million - some £25.5 million a year over 6 years.

If it were not for the Treasury money Northern Ireland would have seen its ‘EU’ structural funds cut from the 2007-2013 levels of £68 million a year to just £39 million a year. Thanks to the Treasury, Northern Ireland will get £68 million a year. That has nothing to do with Europe.

It is deceitful for the Ulster Unionists and others to fraudulently imply that Northern Ireland does better in Europe when the facts clearly demonstrate otherwise.

Northern Ireland, like the whole of the UK, needs to be free to operate confidently without restrictions in world markets rather than living in low-growth, protectionist Europe.

Our slogan must be ‘wherever profit leads us.’ We must rediscover our instinctive entrepreneurial spirit.

David McNarry is the UKIP MLA for Strangford