IRA terrorism is wrong in 2016 just as it and all terror was wrong in 1976

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ismay family who will be absolutely devastated.

Having gone through the initial emotional turmoil surrounding last week’s callous bomb attack by republican terrorists, it is so cruel that their suffering has now been magnified through Adrian’s passing.

We also have in our thoughts the Black family and all others who will be re-traumatised by Adrian Ismay’s murder.

Terrorism has a cataclysmic effect on so many lives and is the enemy of humanity.

The community must stand together in facing down those who would seek to take the life of their neighbours.

Murder by the ‘IRA’ is wrong in 2016 and it was also wrong when committed by the ‘IRA’ and other terrorist organisations in 1976.

Kenny Donaldson, Innocent Victims United, Fermanagh