It is a pity the Republic did not act robustly against IRA death squads

An IRA unit on the border. Picture Pacemaker
An IRA unit on the border. Picture Pacemaker

According to reports in the Irish Examiner, the Republic of Ireland is happy to allow British forces to overfly its national airspace in the event of a terrorist attack which, because of limited capabilities, it is unable to deal with.

What a shame the Republic refused to extend the same generosity to British forces in hot pursuit of republican terror gangs as they fled after attacking soft targets in border towns during the terror campaign.

For years the Republic of Ireland demonstrated its inability – or unwillingness – to act robustly against republican death squads and bombers.

A pointed example of how the Republics’ authorities support the fight against terror, but only when it suits.

Trevor Clarke, DUP councillor, Coleraine