Killers carry individual responsibility

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PLEASE permit me to comment on the News Letter editorial (November 2) regarding the murder of Mr David Black.

The editorial uses words such as “thugs”, “gangs” and “tribal” in relation to the persons who carried out this atrocity.

This type of language plays into the hands of those men and women who deliberately and carefully, and in concert, planned and carried out the murder of Mr Black; each of the persons involved carries an individual responsibility for this crime.

Do not allow them to bring you down to their dehumanising mindset by using the above words and do not give them a collective place to hide their individual responsibility and guilt by branding them with this kind of anonymous collective terminology.

Besides, if they are to be overcome, it is essential to recognise who and what they are.

They are cognitive and resourceful people, obviously full of hate and malice which must be satisfied at the expense of others, and they probably, outwardly, lead normal lives within families and the wider community; nice and shiny on the outside but inwardly not so.

Micheal O’Cathail

Co Fermanagh