Let’s reject sectarianism and bigotry

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Sammy Wilson has been caught alongside someone whom he was interviewing saying “Get the ethnics out”.

Everybody knows what was said.

The DUP are right-wing Tories and there has been a long line of sectarian, racist and homophobic quotes from their representatives.

Ian Paisley endeared himself to the Catholic population by saying they “bred like rabbits and multiplied like vermin”.

Iris Robinson called gay people disgusting, and her husband, first minister at the time, Peter Robinson’s support for Pastor McConnell’s attack on Muslims are other examples, though I admit he ate humble pie and apologised.

Jim Wells suggested that children brought up by same sex couples were at risk of abuse but couldn’t produce any evidence to support his assertion, which was totally untrue anyway.

They make Donald Trump seem like a big pussycat?

Arlene Foster says vote DUP to keep Martin McGuinness from being first minister and Sinn Fein say a vote for us is a vote against the DUP.

Is it not time the people of Northern Ireland rejected sectarian politics and voted for candidates who have their interests at heart and not these old battles?

Andy Barr, Bangor