Macmillan nurses did all they could to help my dying wife

Macmillan nurses were always on hand to help
Macmillan nurses were always on hand to help
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I read your article (One in 10 cancer patients die in pain, February 15).

My wife died of bladder cancer last month.

She was admitted to the Macmillan Unit at Antrim Area Hospital last October. She was obviously in pain but the nurses at the Macmillan unit did all they could and more to alleviate her pain.

At all times day and night if my wife or any of my family said to the nurses that she was in distress the Macmillan nursing staff were with her immediately to ease her pain.

When she passed away it was peaceful and without any pain.

I and my family cannot thank the Macmillan staff at Antrim Area Hospital enough. For their professionalism and sincere empathy not just to my wife but to all their patients and their families.

We were all accepted as part of the Macmillan family.

Tom Irwin, Antrim