Marriage is much more than a contract

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ADRIENNE Peltz is very sweeping in her statement that “equality is a right”, therefore gays should be allowed to “marry” on equality grounds.

Same-sex relationships are different intrinsically from traditional ones, so can never be considered the same – you might as well try to say an apple is equal to a pear, therefore should be called a pear.

Marriage is much more than a contract based on loving feelings, and to reduce it to that changes the whole nature of something that has existed from time immemorial, with huge consequences which I believe have not been thought through by many.

Once you take away the natural complementarity of the sexes, and their union which has the potential for the future of the human race and its stability, you are unleashing the removal of the foundation on which democratic society is built.

Civil partnerships have given same-sex couples all the legal rights of marriage, and more than some other sections of society – ie siblings.

And to speak of a “large section of our population” feeling like second-class citizens is plain wrong, for government statistics have shown that just over one per cent of people in the UK consider themselves homosexual, and of those only 39 per cent think same-sex marriage is necessary.

A long way from “a large section”, I’d say.

Mrs S Wilson