NIO: Villiers is trying to protect public

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With regard to the report about Derry City and Strabane District Council and their demand for Tony Taylor to be released from custody (April 5):

Mr Taylor pleaded guilty to serious firearms offences, the sentence for which he was completing while released on licence.

The law provides that individuals may be recalled to prison to serve the remainder of their sentence if they breach the conditions of their licence.

On this basis the Secretary of State has revoked Mr Taylor’s licence.

A full hearing by the independent Parole Commissioners will take place to consider the basis on which his licence was revoked at which Mr Taylor will have full legal representation.

The Secretary of State’s priority is the protection of the public and she must act on information indicating if they are at risk of serious harm. As proceedings are ongoing it would be inappropriate for the NIO to comment any further.

Northern Ireland Office Spokesperson, Stormont

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