No reasoned debate over Grand National

IT’S that time of the year when the animal rights brigade go apoplectic, ignoring sanity and sensible reason over two horses losing their lives in the Grand National.

As for Peter Nelson, the owner of According to Pete, one of the horses that lost its life, saying that he would never run another horse in the National, I cannot help but wonder, if his horse had won the race, would he still have held the same opinion?

However, I would acknowledge that the man has sympathy for any horse losing its life.

Horses are pack animals; they are as wise as humans and they love a challenge. They vie for being the leader of the pack. When they dislodge their jockey, do they stop jumping? No, they continue.

The great majority of racehorse owners love their animals, treating them with kid gloves, and they even arrange a happy and contented retirement for them. More than any government can say for its electorate.

Harry Stephenson