Not all of us in the DUP support Brexit

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It is worth noting after the pro-Brexit adverts coming from the party in recent days that at the outset of the campaign Arlene Foster recognised that DUP members and supporters would fall into both referendum camps.

Stating at the time that “we fully expect that DUP members and voters will hold a range of differing personal views as to what is in the best interests of the United Kingdom. They are fully entitled to do so during what will be a momentous political debate”.

As the majority of unionist representatives have leant towards Brexit in recent weeks we should remember that unionism is by definition an outward looking philosophy, “ourselves alone” has never been our cry. Unionism is a mindset that can stretch across a narrow channel of water and find common ground with our neighbours on the other side.

Unionism has from its earliest days, in the 19th century, argued that isolating ourselves on our island would condemn us to being an economic backwater. Carson and Craig rightly asked why we would want to sever links with the largest trading bloc in the world. Why indeed would we?

David Cather, South Belfast DUP