Plight of Palestinians

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I AGREE 100 per cent with Colin Nevin (Letters, January 31) that the Holocaust must never be forgotten.

He casually, almost matter of factly, mentions the fledgling state of Israel as if it was hatched out of a bird’s nest.

Colin, with his great knowledge and writings, is well aware it was, in truth, hatched by the British who with brute force and terror put a country inside somebody else’s legally-owned country, a sure recipe for disaster and regional instability.

The Palestinians are being punished for someone else’s crime, of which they had neither part nor input.

To help Colin (and others) understand the Palestinians’ plight: imagine you lived on a good farm, which you and your ancestors could trace for over a thousand years, then out of the blue a large bullying family, much better armed, came and stole by force your near neighbour’s farm, killing some of your friends and imprisoning those left alive in a small meadow with limited access to food, water, medicine, etc.

Do you not think that you would all together try and make your new bullying neighbour as uncomfortable and unwelcome as you possibly could?

My solution is very simple: that which is stolen must be returned. There are only two ways to obtain ownership of land, one is buy it and the other is have it willed to you by the owner.

P McEvoy