Plight of Village residents is being ignored

I WRITE as someone who is proud to live in the Village, Donegall Road, south Belfast.

Your readers may or may not be aware of the plight of the residents and community in this inner-city area of Belfast.

At present I am living in a house surrounded by derelict homes and mass areas of land which once had houses standing on them.

We have been promised new homes for years, despite concerns echoed by the community.

Last August the first homes were demolished, yet nothing has happened since.

Here we have one of a few areas of Belfast, once heavily populated by the unionist community, left to die.

As a Housing Executive tenant I have been seeking to get clarification from the Housing Executive as to when I can expect to vacate my own property, which is to demolished, and move into one of the new homes we have been promised for some time now.

These new homes remain to be seen and just appear to be a distant hope of existence at this point.

We in the Village are being ignored. There do not seem to be any formal plans as to when work will begin.

In the meantime, many of those residents who vacated their homes have moved on and may never return given the lack of information and delays in bringing about this transformation.

It appears to be typical of Housing Executive tenants, especially those who are unionist and living in Belfast, to be treated in such a fashion.

It is in many people’s eyes a form of ethnic cleansing whereby a large section of the unionist population in Belfast have been displaced and moved on elsewhere.

Angry Village Protestant