Pope’s idolatrous new year tweet

At variance with historic Biblical Protestantism
At variance with historic Biblical Protestantism
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On New Year’s Day, Pope Francis issued a tweet in which he exhorted people to “entrust the new year to Mary, Mother of God, so that peace and mercy may grow throughout the world”.

Such idolatrous faith in Mary is, of course, a central and seemingly growing part of Roman Catholicism, but it is completely at variance with historic Biblical Protestantism.

Pope Francis is often hailed – and is deliberately promoted – as a humble, liberal and open-minded pontiff.

In November, when a papal visit to Northern Ireland in 2018 was mooted once again, some Protestant ministers could barely contain their excitement and were gushing in their praise of Francis.

It would therefore be interesting to hear what these men think of the pope’s New Year tweet.

Wallace Thompson, Secretary, Evangelical Protestant Society