Postal vote was never delivered

Postal vote did not arrive
Postal vote did not arrive

At the grand old age of 95, and having never missed a vote in her life, my mother was denied a vote on 8th June, because her postal vote was never delivered.

After many calls to the Electoral Offices in both Belfast and Omagh, and conversations with the Chief Electoral Officer herself, it was still clear that once a postal vote has been sent out, nothing could be done.

For us to have true democracy, a new method of getting postal votes to their rightful owners, must be forthcoming, the Royal Mail cannot be trusted to do their job in delivering these postal votes.

I would ask that the shambles within the Electoral Offices is overhauled and a more secure system of delivery is devised.

How many more postal votes were not delivered? I plead with you all, if you did not receive your vote, ask your local Electoral Office if your vote was used, this can be done!

Ruth Young, Lisbellaw