Sammy seems to be selective about terrorism

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Sammy Wilson as per usual is quite selective in his calling Fidel Castro a terrorist (November 28).

If Mr Wilson is looking for people to call terrorists maybe he could also have a wee look around his very own beloved Ulster back yard: Is this not the very same wee Sammy Wilson who bows and scraps on any mention of Edward Carson or James Craig.

These two “gentlemen “ Carson & Craig were gun running terrorists who smuggled 25,000 rifles and 3 million rounds of ammunition into Ireland in 1914 from the German Empire.

I just know that in the coming days terrorist hater Sammy Wilson will be calling for the immediate removal of the Carson statue at Stormont and the renaming of Craigavon. Mr Wilson I have no doubt would never want it to be said that he was selective in adoring some terrorists while blasting others.

Over to you Sammy!

Adam Doyle, Alberta, Canada