Sinn Fein have denigrated the Irish language

Irish language has been used as a tactic
Irish language has been used as a tactic

I enjoyed the piece by Concubhar Ó Liatháin (‘Your petty objection to an Irish language officer’, May 12) and agreed with many of the points made.

However, I felt that the criticism of the News Letter was unfair.

The problem with an Irish Language Act for many in the pro-Union population in Northern Ireland is the manner in which Sinn Fein has used it as an anti-British propaganda tool.

The metaphors used in comparing the usage of Irish as bullets in the “freedom struggle” are well documented and live long in the memory, especially as they came at a time when real bullets murdered and maimed many of our innocent fellow citizens, on an almost daily basis.

Little wonder therefore if suspicions arise as to whether the Sinn Fein motive at this time is equality and respect for the Irish language rather than a tactic in an anti-British crusade.

It is Sinn Fein who have denigrated the language and – as rightly pointed out by Morning View – sown this division.

Mark Hunter, Belfast BT7