The constant erosion of everything British

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SO we have another peace rally outside Belfast City Hall, this time against the loyalist flag protests.

I would just like to know how many of these people actually come from the loyalist working-class areas where most of the protestors come from.

These people rallying last Sunday – some I assume would call themselves Christian – should examine their souls and ask how can I help my fellow human beings rather than joining in the nationalist and media frenzy of demonising them.

Things do look a lot different viewing it from the leafy suburbs and your little old yacht.

But when your culture is the only precious thing you have it is a totally different story.

These protests are not just about flags, but the constant erosion of everything British from this part of the United Kingdom and continuing pogrom against the Protestant and British community.

Just contrast a few things covered by the broadcast media over the last few months.

A band plays what is claimed to be a sectarian tune outside a Roman Catholic Church – this is replayed again and again.

A Protestant church is desecrated in Glenavy, just one of several attacks on the minority Protestant community over the past few months. How often has this been seen on TV?

Young people from a boxing club in Sandy Row are subjected to vicious sectarian abuse and when they attempt to have the club affiliated to the British boxing association they are made out to be the bad ones.

Yet Roman Catholic footballers can redesignate to the Republic of Ireland as it is their right to do so.

I will not even go into the naming of a playground or GAA grounds after terrorists or the right of the Protestant minority in places like Strabane to celebrate their culture in their own town.

Desmond Graham