The hazards of breaking the Union

MY understanding of the present situation is that there can only be a referendum in Northern Ireland if a reasonable number of the population or a majority of the political parties call for it.

Extrapolating from recent opinion polls my estimate is that around 70 per cent of the Northern Ireland population are either not opposed to the Union with the UK or clearly for it.

Perhaps the News Letter could give an even more precise figure? Incidentally, if Scotland were to leave the Union could our passports be (re-) entitled “United Kingdom” rather than, at present, “The UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”?

Just a thought for the future and just in case: as the Duke of Edinburgh once observed, the Scots drink so much whiskey that they can’t see what’s in front of them, ie disaster

if they were to leave the UK. Martin McGuinness and Alex Salmond have much in common: they like to play the good oul Dixie tune for breaking up Unions.

Dr David Green,

(Address submitted)