The UUP can’t sustain further defections

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WHILE it may have seemed a good idea electing ex-newsreader Mike Nesbitt as leader of the Ulster Unionists, it is, however, proving increasingly disastrous for the party.

With differences accepted, the loss of any party worker or elected politician is a blow but such high-profile defections that have marked Mike’s position cannot be sustained.

David McNarry going was a blow that the party did not need. Losing Ken Maginnis, in another public row, was bad for Nesbitt’s fledgling leadership.

Then the ongoing and very public disagreements with John McCallister and Basil McCrea have led many to question Mike’s new role from media personality to political leader.

The subsequent resignation of ex-chairman of the party Terry Wright, and the resignation and loss to the DUP of Fred Cobain, can only be kindly described as “unfortunate”.

These latest resignations of McCrea and McCallister seem to be a public scenario of a more private walking away by members of the Ulster Unionist Party. The two words on political observers’ lips seem to be “who’s next?”.

Joseph Campbell

Co Antrim