Trimble needs to spell out his EU claims

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Re Lord Trimble’s views on the EU referendum (March 26).

The former first minister said that those who claim that a British withdrawal from the EU would damage the peace in Northern Ireland had failed so far to spell out how this would happen.

I am inclined to agree on this point; however Lord Trimble is no doubt guilty of scaremongering of his own.

He goes on to say that the EU, “Is more than about just economic cooperation; it is about building a state” a theory upon which the former first minister offers not a scintilla of proof.

Given his failure to spell out how this is the case, it sounds more like conversation in the House of Lords bar with his hard-line Tory friends.

Furthermore Lord Trimble’s history of cross border trade is also problematic, in describing the period

from 1920-1973 he says there was “never any serious problem”. He seems unaware of the Anglo Irish trade war of the 1930s and its effect on Ulster’s economy.

In Saturday’s edition I also read about how some local farmers have called for the “leave” campaign to spell-out exactly what their vision of the UK would be post-Brexit.

This is an answer Lord Trimble his allies in this campaign would do well to spell out.

Paul Hagan, Portadown