Trojan horse to liberalise abortion

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The recent Alliance party amendments on abortion sought to address two elements of a very complex and sensitive issue, by introducing the universal principle of individual choice.

These legislative amendments were contrary to the advice of leading expert clinicians who have indicated that these difficult and tragic circumstances can be managed more sensitively and compassionately with an agreed robust set of guidelines.

History has already demonstrated that the principle of guidelines can work but they must be free from political interference.

However mistaken in their approach, David Ford and Stewart Dickson are genuine honourable people whom I believe were sincerely attempting to provide a solution for families facing terrible trauma.

However there are others within the Alliance party, and indeed other party candidates in the forthcoming election, who would seize the tragedy and trauma of these families for cheap political gain using the same in pursuance of a broader agenda.

An agenda to liberalise abortion along the principles of the 1967 Act.

An act that facilitates on average 200,000 abortions a year in Great Britain, the majority of which are now effectively lifestyle choices.

In fact, some of these prospective candidates are on record, stating that they would seek to legislate even further to provide greater unrestricted choice options.

Ironically these same individuals would jump at the opportunity to have a publicity photo shoot with our special Olympic heroes whilst still supporting the rights of an individual to terminate the life of an unborn child on the basis of similar disabilities.

David Ford is right in his assertion that abortion is about morality and conscience.

It is far too important and complex to allow others to use a narrow element of abortion and the corresponding family pain and anguish as a Trojan horse.

So when candidates come seeking your vote make sure you get the full story on their position on abortion.

Mark Williams, Stewartstown Road BT17