TUV can get things done

TUV Leader Jim Allister
TUV Leader Jim Allister

TUV decided to fight the European election to give the electorate both the opportunity to vote for better representation in Brussels and also to pass their verdict on Stormont and concessions to republicans.

In Stormont I have frequently been the only MLA to make the case that we are better off out of the EU.

A vote for TUV sends a clear message that the £23m daily membership fee is one we simply cannot afford.

The sad reality is that, apart from election time, we rarely hear from our Euro MPs. Where was Diane Dodds when it came to the £18m in EU money earmarked for the Maze shrine?

I pledge that if elected I will be a strong voice which will be heard not only in Strasbourg but back in Ulster as well.

No other candidate has been named the UK’s best MEP by the independent Taxpayers’ Alliance.

TUV can get things done. We delivered ‘Ann’s Law’ to bar convicted terrorists from £90,000 per annum special adviser posts – the first victory for innocent victims and first defeat for Sinn Fein in years.

While some were determined to force the Maze shrine upon us we, with other unionists, forced a U-turn.

While others tried, it was TUV who succeeded in securing pension equality for RUC widows.

This election also gives the electorate a chance to deliver their verdict on the performance of Stormont.

The “get out of jail free” letters issued to republicans expose the rotten heart of the peace process.

Remember that Peter Robinson demanded that the letters be called in and the names of recipients and their suspected crimes released or he would resign.

It was put to Nigel Dodds on the Nolan Show: “Peter Robinson has a list of names of all the people who got these letters and their specific crime on his desk doesn’t he, because he also said he was demanding those on Wednesday? He has got them hasn’t he?”

He replied: “Well that will be part of the outcome of the judge-led inquiry.”

In fact we now know that Lady Justice Hallett won’t even look at every case.

She will merely, in her own words, “sample a number of case files”.

While the iniquitous Haass proposals are currently in limbo they have still not been rejected outright by the DUP.

Co-First Minister Robinson has warned of “nuclear options”. In reality, only a vote for TUV hits the nuclear button against concessions.

Not so long ago the DUP were dismissing innocent victims, the Orange Order and thousands of ordinary unionists as “nutters” and “Jeremiahs” who needed to be taken away by “men in white coats”.

Oddly they are now talking about the need for unity!

Remember that at the last European election, the two unionist MEPs were only elected with TUV transfers.

In both the council and Euro elections the vote cannot be split so long as unionists vote down the card.