Unionist unity is the right decision

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AS an Ulster Unionist I was delighted to see common sense prevailing in Mid Ulster.

The recent photograph of Gregory Campbell and Danny Kennedy standing side by side in support of Nigel Lutton is very encouraging and what the vast majority of the unionist community are calling for – unionist co-operation.

Mr Lutton epitomises what our new society should be all about, a young man whose life was undoubtedly shattered when his father was murdered by the IRA.

Despite this tragedy, Mr Lutton has moved on and built his life and is involved in helping other people who too have suffered at the hands of violence with the victims’ support groups.

The recent Spotlight poll showed that up to 79 per cent of the population are happy to remain within the United Kingdom, British/Irish/Northern Irish.

The election in Mid Ulster should be an opportunity for all its constituents to vote for a candidate who can bring representation to Parliament and the mainland once again (after an absence of over 16 years), and have real opportunity to bring investment, jobs, tourism, etc.

So I conclude by wishing Mr Lutton every success in his election campaign and hope that he will secure votes from all sections of our community for the betterment of Mid Ulster.

E Johns

Co Armagh