We’re a voice for the silent majority

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THERE has been some discussion recently, in this newspaper and elsewhere, about a realignment of ‘moderate unionism’. It’s worth pointing out that there is already a progressive, commonsense, centre-right party in Northern Ireland, which is passionately pro-Union and open to all.

That party is the NI Conservatives and more people are joining us every day. That’s because we stand for things like creating jobs, rewarding hard work, protecting the vulnerable and helping people who want to get on.

We’re passionate about Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom and we offer voters a meaningful voice in UK-wide politics, as a full part of the Conservative Party. We believe the best way to secure the Union is to play a full and vital role in it.

We want to see a vibrant economy based on enterprise, an excellent school system for all pupils with parental choice at its heart and a strong, integrated community – founded on a genuinely shared future for Northern Ireland. There is a silent majority in Northern Ireland which is currently getting shouted down by more vocal elements. We want to provide them with a voice and we’re keen to work with everyone who wants to move beyond the power-splitting politics at Stormont, towards a more constructive system.

Harry Cullen

NI Conservatives,
East Londonderry