News Letter 275: Chairs, weather and fraudulent tickets

News Letter 275

News Letter 275

Chance to take chair to Dublin

There will be three or four Hackney Chairs this Week in Town from Dublin; therefore if any Persons intend for Dublin they may have a good Opportunity for the returning Chairs.

Thunder and lightning

On Thursday last before Day, there was great Thunder and Lightning near Dublin.

Recall bid over frauds

WHEREAS there are some Persons betwixt Belfast and Lisburn, that do counterfeit my Tickets, with a Dye and Press, and sell them to the Country People for half what they pass for: These are therefore to give Notice to all Persons who have any of my Tickets, that they are to bring them into me at any Time before the first of February next, and I’ll pay them in Gold or Silver, and if I had them once, never will put out any more, but for the Counterfeits let every body take care they take none of them.

Dated this fifth Day of December 1738,


Rasharkin farm for sale

THE Farm of Gortare, in the Parish of Rasharkin, adjoining the River Bann, within three Miles off Portglenone, two off Killrea and six off Ballymoney, containing 224 Acres of arable and pasture Land, Plenty of Moss and Meadow; To be lett, to a good Tenant or Tenants, from Allsaints next, but not from Allsaints last, for eighteen Years. The Tenant or Tenants will be furnished with Hay or Straw and Corn upon said Farm, at reasonable Rates. PROPOSALS will be received by HUGH BOYD of Ballycastle, Esq; and let by him, or by Capt. DANIEL Mc.NEILL, in said Farm.

NB. The Stock and Crop, if the Farm be taken this Year, will be canted.




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