News Letter 275: Storm in Caribbean leads to great losses

News Letter 275

News Letter 275

By a Letter from St. Christophers, dated Sept. 7. by the Way of Bristol, we have the following Account of the Damages sustained by the Hurricane which happened the 18th of August last. At Antigua, a London Ship, Capt. Pipon, drove against the Rocks and lost, with 500 Hogsheads of Sugar, the Crew saved...

At Montserat where the Gale was hardest the Charming Rebecca, Capt. Sleigh, loading for London drove out and founder’d at Sea, with 370 Hogsheads of Sugar; Crew lost. A Liverpool Ship, Capt. Hughes, drove out, with about 200 Hogsheads of Sugar, and not yet heard of. This Island is in a most ruinous Condition, the Canes and Provisions being quite destroyed, and all the Buildings blown down, except thirty Houses and four or five Windmills. At Nevis, the Grenadier, Capt, Boroughs, of London with 500 Hogsheads of Sugar, drove out, lost her Main and Missen Masts, damag’d Part of his Sugars...

At St Christophers the Prince Frederick, Capt. Whitwood, put to Sea, with 250 Hogsheads of Sugar, and founder’d at Sea the Crew sav’d themselves in a Boat ...

The Diamond Pink, Capt. Martin, with 400 Hogsheads of Sugar, near loaden, pout out to Sea, and is not yet heard of, but he declar’d as he went off, that in case the Gale prov’d hard, he should make the best of his Way home... Most of these Ships put into St. Thomas’s, as That Island has received but little Damage... All the Sloops, excepting one, we fear are lost, as great Numbers of Wrecks are daily seen at Sea. Upon the whole we may well compute that there are lost at Sea 2000 Hogsheads of Sugar.




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