Nostalgia 1952: King remembered as a family man who cherished the sanctity of marriage

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THE citizens of Belfast, through a resolution adopted in silence by the Lord Mayor and members of the city council, placed on record their deep sorrow at the death of His Majesty King George the Sixth.

All political groups in the council, with the exception of the Eire Labour Party, were represented at the simple, dignified meeting, which lasted less than a quarter of an hour, reported the News Letter.

Most of the aldermen and councillors were dressed in dark suits and black ties.

The resolution continued: ‘We recall with gratitude His Majesty’s devotion to duty and his efforts to further the interests and welfare of the people. The noble example of courage set by His Majesty to his subjects during a reign of great difficulty gained for him a deep and abiding place in the hearts of his people.

‘We humbly and respectfully tender to Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Her Gracious Majesty the Queen Mother, Her Gracious Majesty Queen Mary, and the other members of the Royal Family our deepest sympathy in their great bereavement.’

Tribute was paid to the King’s example as a family man.

Alderman J McGlade (Nationalist) said he felt that the King had wielded a powerful influence for good, and that when history came to be written, many pages would be occupied with his wonderful service to the country - but that possibly the greatest service that the King had rendered was to show by his actions and example that he cherished the sanctity of marriage and family life. That was a thing for which they should all be profoundly thankful to him, said Mr McGlade.

The council agreed that none but essential business should be transacted at committee meetings until after the King’s funeral.




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