BOXING: Bully boy Leo Santa Cruz does not worry Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton

Leo Santa Cruz will come charging our against Carl Frampton in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night trying to bully ‘The Jackal’ into submission.

The Mexican is the taller man, with the longer reach and in the last fight in New York in July he threw over 1000 punches but still came up short in the fight.

Santa Cruz only has the one gear - straight forward and throw lots of punches - until the opponent wilts.

But Frampton is having none of it before their WBA Featherweight World title showdown on Saturday night.

“If you look through his career, he has fought the same way the whole time, trying to overwhelm and bully opponents.

“I’m the only fighter who has been able to push and hit him back and not allow him to have it all his own way - that’s the difference.

“I don’t think he knows what else to do, whereas I’ve made a few adjustments in training and if I carry them out then I will win more convincingly.”

Despite Frampton headlining in the Sin City for the first time, ‘The Jackal’ is refusing to get carried away by the magnitude of the occasion.

“I don’t get too carried away with headlining in Vegas, I’m just looking forward to fighting.

“There is a little bit more pressure this time round, I’ve won a few awards and people are coming and expecting me to do well.

“I just take it all in my stride though and when the pressure is on, I perform best.

“I’ve done that all my career since the amateurs and I’m expecting to do a job on this guy.”

And Frampton’s trainer Shane McGuigan has no doubts his fighter will have his hand raised in victory on Saturday night.

“Carl knows how to win, he knows when he’s in a close fight and when he needs to do just enough, which is annoying for me because sometimes I want him to just open up the lungs and go,” McGuigan explained.

“But he’s a guy who will think ‘I’m doing enough here’ and leave it up to the opponent to make it as exciting, or not, as possible.”