BOXING: Carl Frampton still wants Leo Santa Cruz at Windsor Park

Carl Frampton in the ring with Leo Santa Cruz
Carl Frampton in the ring with Leo Santa Cruz

Carl Frampton insists Leo Santa Cruz remains his number one target but he has loads of options for his next fight this summer.

‘The Jackal’ is looking to be back in action this summer - with Windsor Park at the end of July a possibility - but it seems the chances of a trilogy fight against Santa Cruz are getting smaller.

“I want Leo Santa Cruz, and until that is completely dead in the water then that’s the fight I want.

“He gave me my only loss and I want to avenge that. And it’s the fight everyone wants to see.

“If that doesn’t happen then I have other options. Lee Selby, Gary Russell Jr and Abner Mares are there, and those fights could happen.

“I want to fight in Belfast next. My fans have travelled all over the world and spent a lot of hard-earned money. They deserve a fight at home.”

And Frampton says a fight in Belfast is as big a draw for the American television channels as cities like New York and Las Vegas.

“People talk about the major television channels only wanting the fights to happen in the United States, but that’s not true,” Frampton added.

“Stephen Espinoza of Showtime has already spoken openly about how they would love to do a fight in Belfast.

“There are no issues with the time of the fight as they have matinee shows in the United States.

“So there is no reason why the fight can’t happen in Belfast. I want to fight at home and the team are working very hard on that,” he added.