Carl Frampton ready to meet challenge head-on at the Odyssey

JOB DONE: Carl Frampton stopped Steve Molitor at the Odyssey in September
JOB DONE: Carl Frampton stopped Steve Molitor at the Odyssey in September

Carl Frampton knows what to expect from Kiko Martinez at the Odyssey Arena on Saturday night.

The Tigers Bay fighter challenges Martinez for the Spaniard’s European title in what should be a war at the Belfast venue.

Kiko has been in America training under the watchful eye of World Champion Sergio Martinez, but Frampton believes Martinez will not have transformed himself into a different style of fighter in the USA.

“He has been in America training for this, taking it seriously. But he is not going to suddenly turn into Sugar Ray Leonard having been in America for a few months.

“It will be the same Kiko Martínez, a little bit sharper and a little bit fitter but I am 100 per cent confident that I am going to get the win.

“I am better in every department. He sees himself as a big puncher but I believe I am a bigger puncher, I don’t think he has been hit by anybody who can punch harder than me.

“I think I am a better boxer than him, I can outfight him, in every single department. I am a bit better than this guy and I will prove it on Saturday,” added Frampton.

‘The Jackal’ was supposed to fight Martinez on two previous occasions – before Martinez pulled out of the fights – and Frampton says it was a frustrating time.

“The first time he pulled out with about 10 days’ notice, the second time he was kind enough to give us five weeks to get another opponent.

“It has frustrated me that it has taken until now for it to happen. I believe I could have been European champion when I was originally meant to fight him in my 11th fight, but it is just going to be harder for him because I am a better fighter than I was then and he is going to be in for a world of pain.

“It is a big fight, a big chance for me to look good, with his European title on the line and my IBF Inter-Continental title too.

“It has been a long time coming and I am excited about it, I can’t wait, I think it is going to be a great crowd who will make a lot of noise in the Odyssey,” he added.

Martinez has also been telling anyone who will listen that he is going to stop Frampton at the Odyssey.

“I will bite my tongue and we will see on fight night, I will let my fists do the talking,” said Frampton, who yesterday was presented with the Betfair IBWA Boxer of the Year award for 2012 by the Irish Boxing Writers’ Association.

“It is going to be a tough night for him. I just say that he needs to remember that he pulled out of a fight with me twice.

“He sounds a bit like a desperate man to be honest, he is predicted all of these things and making these bold statements.

“I think that he only has one style, which is come forward and be aggressive.

“He is a big puncher and he is dangerous but I think I can box off the back foot, I can out fight this guy if I want, I can stand and trade with him, I can outman him, I can out punch him.

“I am very confident, I am always confident in my own ability, I go into every fight believing that I can win and there is no difference with this one.

“When I beat Martinez all the top boys in the division will take notice,” said Frampton.